# Piggy Plinko

# Introduction

Piggy Plinko is a decentralized, immutable, on-chain crypto game where users drop pucks into the Animal Farm pegboard.

The payout is determined after the puck falls through the pegboard and lands in a bucket where each bucket is assigned a multiplier.

Utilizing a robust and reliable Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) makes Piggy Plinko a verifiably random game. This provides players with provably fair outcomes which are impossible to corrupt. Chainlink VRF provides cryptographically secured randomness by employing a set of Chainlink nodes that relay data to smart contracts while maintaining a classical-consensus mechanism through a committee of these nodes.

Once generated, the VRF output can never be duplicated or predicted due to its random nature, allowing Piggy Plinko gamers to trust that every Plinko drop is unbiased and secure from manipulation.

Players can place bets in Piggy Plinko with four different tokens (AFD, AFP, BUSD and BNB) and see the prizes paid out in the token they wagered.

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# The Dog Mode


Players placing bets with BNB or BUSD earn a 10% payout increase if they choose to have their prizes paid out in AFD.

The prizes they would receive are used to purchase AFD, substantially increasing buy pressure.

# The BankRoll

Each playable token has it's own bankroll allowing for unique game mechanics, prize payout, and token distribution to best support the player and ecosystem.

  • BUSD earned by house is pooled & directly utilized to support the ecosystem.
  • BNB earned by house is pooled & directly utilized to support the ecosystem.
  • AFP earned by house is permanently locked in PigPen to earn BUSD which is then used to support the ecosystem.
  • AFD earned by house is permanently locked in DogPound to earn BNB which is then used to support the ecosystem.

Bankroll contracts are designed to support any EVM token allowing us to create utility for partner tokens and collaboration to support the Animal Farm ecosystem.

# Piggy Plinko Mechanics

The first step in the Piggy Plinko experience is to understand how the game variables can be modified according to individual players desired settings.

The Risk factor (low, medium, high) is applied to modify the multiplier of each bucket at the bottom of the board. Increasing the Risk Factor allows players to access larger rewards!

The Plinko Size is used to adjust how many rows and buckets are in the pegboard. Players can adjust the Plinko Size between 8 to 16 rows as desired.

e.g. Risk LOW Plinko Size 8 ROWS
e.g. Risk LOW Plinko Size 8 ROWS

Players set their Wager (size of the bet) and Multiple Bets (the number of pucks to be dropped into the board) to determine their Total Wager (the total amount bet).

Players can set Stop Gains and Stop Losses when placing multiple bets. Piggy Plinko will end when a Stop Gain or Stop Loss has been reached. Players pay only for the games that have been played, up to and including the game in which the stop was triggered.

# The Kelly Criterion

Piggy Plinko makes use of the Kelly Criterion, which helps users optimize their plinko strategies to increase their chances of success.

Players can place maximum wagers as determined by the Kelly Criterion, which determines optimal bet size.

The formula uses the game’s probabilities and multipliers to calculate the Kelly fraction. The combination of the Bankroll value and the Kelly fraction allow calculation of the perfect Kelly max Bet.

# Sustainability

The sustainability of the Bankroll is ensured by automatically adjusting the maximum wager. These Kelly calculations are also critical to ensure Bankrolls can’t be drained by any combination of wagers.

# Piggy Plinko Tax Explained

Each playable token has its bankroll.

This allows for mechanics, payouts, and management of earned fees to best support the player and the ecosystem's health.

Distributed as prizes House edge
98% 2%*

* some information contained in this document is subject to change upon launch of Piggy Plinko.

The profits generated by the 2% house edge are collected in the Piggy Plinko BNB and BUSD pool and distributed as follows:

BUSD & BNB Distribution
Pig Pen Injections 40%
Dev Fee 35%
Marketing 15%
VRF Oracle Fee 10%
  • AFP and AFD collected are staked in the Dog Pound and Pig Pen, permanently locked and removed from circulation. They generate BNB and BUSD, which are added to the Piggy Plinko BNB and BUSD pool.

  • BNB & BUSD collected directly flows into the Piggy Plinko BNB and BUSD pool.

As the platform owners, the PigPen stakers ensure the best profits from the Piggy Plinko house edge.

# Referral and Affiliate Marketing Program

PiggyPlinko has an aggressive referral and affiliate marketing program that includes profit share from downline referrals, rakeback and reload.

All users will be able to share their referral link to start earning from downlines at launch.

Player accounts are based on a bronze, silver, gold and platinum tier system. As you actively play and refer you are increasing your score which will move you up to the next tier, unlocking higher rakeback and reload benefits.

We will also be directly targeting streamers and influencers by allowing them to share referral codes with their community that will grant instant access to higher tier accounts, which means immediate access to higher rakeback and reload! We aim to provide our users and influencers with a higher profit share and more benefits than any of the competition.

# Dog Pound

All AFD tokens start with a 90% tax which can only be reduced by staking the tokens into The Dog Pound. Users who stake in the Linear section have their tax reduced by 0.75% a day and receive daily BNB distributions.

Users who stake in the Auto-Compounding pool have their tax reduced by 1% every day and receive daily AFD/WBNB distributions. These AFD/WBNB tokens are automatically staked in in the farm to generate AFP distributions for the user.

Read the documentations to learn more:


# Pig Pen

Players who stake their AFP tokens into The Pig Pen become part owners of The Animal Farm. They receive daily distributions (BUSD & AFP) generated by Piggy Plinko house earnings and the Animal Farm itself.

Additionally, these users receive voting rights for the platform allowing them to weigh in on decisions regarding the direction of the platform.

Read the documentations to learn more:


Download Piggy Plinko Preview WP
PiggyPlinkoPreview.pdf 21.5MB