# Piggy Bank

# Introduction

PIGGY BANK is the only non-inflationary, variable time locking product where depositors stake AFP/BUSD LP to earn compound interest of up to 3.33% daily. It combines the best elements of HEX with the best elements of DRIP GARDEN .

Interest for users is based on their individual compound interest rate and the lock-up period they choose.



The longer a user locks their ability to cash out earned AFP/BUSD LP interest, the higher the starting bonus they can then compound into their principal over the life of their stake.

  • Earn up to 3.33% interest a day on your principal.
  • Your capital is increased by a time-locking multiplier, which is an extremely powerful opportunity.
  • The rewards increase exponentially with longer time-locked stakes, up to 149299%.
  • Stake airdropping functions.
  • You can have multiple stakes using the same wallet address, with various time locked stakes.

Increase your AFP/BUSD LP holdings with PIGGY BANK!

# Add AFP PIGS Liquidity

The PIGGY BANK provides utility for AFP/BUSD LP tokens creating additional incentives to farm AFP, hold PIGS and/or purchase it.

Create your AFP/BUSD LP liquidity pair tokens using the liquidity section on ADD LIQUIDITY to avoid the 3% sell tax on the AFP/BUSD LP token.


# Time Lock Bonus

To make a deposit on PIGGY BANK, select the amount of AFP/BUSD LP you wish to deposit and select your lock period with the slider to see your multiplier bonus.

Deposit can be locked from 1 week (+5% bonus) up to 156 weeks (+149299% bonus).

You can also choose not to time lock your stake. In this case, leave the lock duration at 0%.

A 0% locked stake enables you to re-deposit in to at a later stage.

# The Multiplier

The multiplier for time-limited rewards is added to the stakes principal, not added to the winnings to be claimed at the end of the stake.

This makes the bonus rewards for time locking staked exponentially more powerful as the stake compounds the increased roi generated from the bonus multiplied principal.

The bonus will not be fully applied to the capital on day 1 of the time locked stake and is instead applied to the distribution curve shown above with:

  • 30% of the multiplier bonus being added to the principal in the first 75% of the stake's length
  • The rest being added exponentially to the principal in the last 25% of the time lock up

# Gifting Stakes

Stake AirDropping features allow you to airdrop time-locked stakes to your friends and family, which can also be used as rewards for your community and followers to incentivize referrals.

# Referrals

The Piggy Bank offers a static 2% commission.

Once your wallet is connected to the Piggy Bank UI, you will notice that your referral address can be copied by hitting the apposite button.

When a user create a new stake, after clicking your personal referral link, the contract will send to your Piggy Bank truffles equal to 2% of their purchase.

The reached referral list will be available through the Piggy Bank UI.

# Rewards

The most important thing to remember about PIGGY BANK is that US dollars have no value in the game. When you deposit your AFP/BUSD LP you swap them for PIGLETS, each PIGLETS produces TRUFFLES, which you can sell for AFP/BUSD LPs.

COMPOSED BY: 2.592.000 100%
DAILY PRODUCTION: 86.400 3.33%

Consequently every 30 days a piglet produces a new one:

  • 86.400 truffles * 30days = 2.592.000 truffles = 1 PIGLET

you can sell those truffles for AFP/BUSD LP or compound them to grow the PIGGY BANK taking advantage of the compound interest.

In addition you can create a TIME LOCKED deposit to benefit from the multiplier bonus.

The rewards are variable pending upon the contract balance, the community compounding/sales behaviour and your personal compounding/sales behaviour.

To ensure the sustainability of the Piggy Bank protocol, the max payout of each stake is calculated as follows:

Your piglets *2592000 *3= max truffles claimable (AFP/BUSD LP) or simply max payout.


# Piggy Bank Tax explained

Tax on the PIGGY BANK only applies when you want to:

  • Pair AFP/BUSD LP on the external DEX
  • Deposit AFP/BUSD LP
  • Claim AFP/BUSD LP
AFP/BUSD LP external DEX 3% 3% AFP* 0% BUSD 0%
AFP/BUSD LP internal DEX 0% ** N.A 0%

* there will be an additional 3% taxes when you sell the AFP token.

** the contract allows to add AFP/BUSD liquidity to PancakeSwap without paying the 3% transaction tax ADD LIQUIDITY AFP/BUSD LP

Deposit AFP/BUSD LP 5%
Withdrawal AFP/BUSD LP N.A*
Claim rewards AFP/BUSD LP 5%**
Compound rewards AFP/BUSD LP 0%

* Once AFP/BUSD LPs are deposited, they are permanently added to the contract pool and cannot be withdrawn.

** The estimated gas fee is deliberately set high at 0.0125 BNB to avoid transactions failing in times of congestion, but this is not what you will be charged at confirmation.

The PIGGY BANK 5% deposit/withdrawal fees are collected in the form of AFP/BUSD LP pairs:

  • the AFP part goes to the PIG PEN dividend vault.

  • the BUSD part pays for Dev fees and marketing.



# Charts

Want more information? See the data/charts section!

🐷 Advanced Charts about Piggy Bank Statistics & Analytics