# Pig Pen

# Introduction

PIG PEN is the Animal Farm Governance Staking Pool, which allows holders of AFP to secure common ownership of the Animal Farm platform.

This includes BUSD & PIGS dividends generated by Farms&Pools deposit/withdrawal fees, taxes levied on DOGS transactions, and returns generated by credit and PIGGY BANK fees.


With an AFP stake at PIG PEN, you can vote on curated proposals on key decisions about the platform roadmap and crowdfunding!

AnimalFarm Dao Governance System

# Vesting Mechanic

When we develop logical structures for our products, we look not only at what works in DeFi , but also in traditional markets.

AFP which have been staked in the PIG PEN represent a share ownership of the animal farm platform. This includes a share of all platform fees and a governance protocol which allows them to vote on the future of the platform.

Due to the important role that PIG PEN stakers play for the platform, as well as the huge dividend payouts they receive, it is important that a vesting protocol is implemented on the principal of PIG PEN stakers

Just as in traditional markets company shares often vest to ensure that owners operate for the long-term benefit of the platform, we have implemented a 50 DAYS vesting period for AFP principal staked in the PIG PEN.

This 50 DAYS vesting period works in such a way that 2% of the staker's capital is available for retire every day, so that after 50 DAYS effectively 100% of the capital can be withdraw out.

# The PIG PEN Dividend Vault

Dividend Vault includes BUSD & PIGS dividends generated by the deposit/withdrawal fees from Farms&Pools , the taxes applied to DOGS transactions, the yield earned on lending, the profits generated by Piggy Plinko's house edge, and Piggy Bank fees.

# BUSD dividend coming from:

  • 40% of the Piggy Plinko profits generated by the 2% house edge.
  • 1/3 of all taxes paid on DOGS transactions.
  • 75% of all non-native farms&pools deposit/withdrawal fees *
  • % of the DRIP/BUSD LP farms deposit/withdrawal fees
  • 30% of yield generated through our collateral rehypothecation lending model.

* the remaining 25% , converted into BUSD, is used by the AFD liquidity helper.

# AFP dividend coming from:

  • The AFP part of the deposit/withdrawal fees on unpaired AFP/BUSD LP from PIGGY BANK .

# Dev Fees

A contract locks the Devs ownership to 10% of PIG PEN.

The Devs will never be able to withdraw the AFP locked and can only claim the inherent rewards.

Dev fee and marketing are covered as well by the BUSD part of the deposit/withdrawal fees on unpaired AFP/BUSD LP from PIGGY BANK .

# Rewards

The rewards of the PIG PEN are paid to the participants according to their ownership percentage:

The BUSD rewards Vault of the PIGPEN pays:

  • 30% of the deposits/injections in the vault are paid immediately to Pig Pen stakers.
  • 70% of the deposits/injections are released to stakers in 3% per day of the vault balance.

The AFP rewards Vault of the PIGPEN pays:

  • 3% per day of the total vault balance.


# Burn Mechanism

We have implemented a burn mechanism that reduces the total supply in real time as tokens are transacted, as opposed to sending tokens to a 0x000 burn address.

  • 3% of the Sales Tax on DOGS
  • The FULL sales tax (3%) on PIGS

This mechanism actually removes the tokens from the total supply and provides more accurate data about our tokens on sites like CoinMarketCap and DexTools.

# PIGS Tax explained

Tax on the PIGS token only applies when you want to:

  • Sell AFP
  • Pair AFP/BUSD LP on external DEX
  • Transact with a non-native staking contract

All the fees of AFP are burned by removing tokens from the total supply.

Buy AFP 0%
Sell AFP 3%
Transfer AFP 0%

Deposit AFP 0%
Withdraw AFP 0%
Claim rewards BUSD 0%
Claim rewards AFP 0%
Compound rewards AFP 0%

AFP/BUSD LP external DEX 3% 3% AFP* 0% BUSD 0%
AFP/BUSD LP internal DEX 0% ** N.A 0%

* there will be an additional 3% taxes when you sell the AFP token.

** the contract allows to add AFP/BUSD liquidity to PancakeSwap without paying the 3% transaction tax ADD LIQUIDITY AFP/BUSD LP


# Charts

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🐖 Advanced Charts about Pig Pen Statistics & Analytics

# FAQs

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