# Drip Faucet

DRIP FAUCET is a low-risk/high-yield smart contract, similar to a certificate of deposit/savings bond. Learn how it works, including the referral system and whale tax.

# How does it work?

Participants join in by depositing their DRIP into the Faucet.

Once deposited, they are permanently added to the contract pool (DRIP Vault) and cannot be withdrawn.

The contract issues 1% guaranteed interest daily in the form of DRIP tokens , with either:

  • A maximum annual payout of 365% if participants make only claim or do not compound at all
  • 100.000 of claimed + hydrated DRIP (Max Payout).

The daily interest is rewarded by the taxes paid by all participants when it is claimed, sold or compounded the DRIP tokens.

If the contract is no longer able to pay out the 1% interest to all participants within the original maximum amount of 1 million tokens, the required DRIP will be minted.

# User Interface

  • Available: the 1% interests earned.
  • Deposits: deposit amount (original deposit + compounded + airdrops + referral rewards).
  • Claimed: hydrated + claimed.
  • Referral rewards: rewards coming from your team.
  • Max Payout: total amount you would find on “Available” if you do not take any action for 365 days.
  • Team: total downline divided between direct/indirect team members.

# Possible actions

  • Deposit: in the Deposit section you can transfer DRIP from your wallet to the Faucet contract. The possible minimum deposit is 10 DRIP, on which a 10% fee is charged at the time of deposit.
  • Hydrate: with the Hydrate/Compound function, the 1% interests (the DRIP quantity under Available in the dashboard) is sent into your Deposit.

There is a 5% tax on hydrates, but if your upline (the buddy you joined Faucet with) is a "Team Wallet" (i.e. he/she has 5 or more direct team members), you only pay 3.75% tax, the remaining 1.25% is automatically refunded to you.

  • Claim: Allows you to withdraw the 1% interest, which is DRIP under Available in the dashboard, into your wallet. A 10% fee will be charged for the claim.

  • Airdrop: the AirDrop feature allows you to send DRIP tokens directly from your wallet to another participant's deposit or share them among your team members. It is a tool that you usually use to reward your downline (members of your network/team) on a voluntary basis. There is a 10% fee for this action.

# Drip Faucet Tax Explained

Faucet deposit 10% (7,5% if part of a team ≥ 5)
Faucet hydrate/compound 5% (3,75% if part of a team ≥ 5)
Faucet claim 10%
Airdrop 10%
Swap BNB>DRIP on native DEX 0%
Swap DRIP>BNB on native DEX 10%
Swap DRIP>$XXX on external DEX 10%
Swap $XXX>DRIP on external DEX 10%
Transfer between wallets 10%

# Team and referral reward system

Before depositing into the DRIP FAUCET contract, the participant must enter the wallet address of another participant in the "Get a Buddy" section.

It is a public BSC wallet address starting with 0x followed by a mix of letters and numbers.

Once you have joined a team, you cannot change it.

How to: Enter the DRIP FAUCET

The Buddy Referral System includes 15 levels of depth, starting with the original contract code.


You will now have an Upline and, if you decide to create a team, a Downline.

  • Upline refers to the list of "buddy addresses" above you, including the buddy that you used to join the Faucet.

  • Downline refers to your direct team members who used your buddy address to enter the Faucet and their own members.

IT IS NOT MANDATORY to build a team under your own buddy address, but you will be able to publicize the DRIP Network protocol and its community and thus gain access to the direct rewards system on the deposit and network rewards (Round Robin) on the hydrate/compound.

# Direct reward on the deposit

Up to the fifth direct affiliate who signs up under your "buddy address", you will receive 10% of the net sum (90% post taxes of 10%) deposited into the Faucet.

From the fifth direct affiliate onwards, you are automatically appointed Team Wallet, when a "team wallet” receives a referral reward, it automatically airdrops 25% of the reward (post tax) back to the wallet that deposited or hydrated, this way you can incentivise people to join your team with bonuses.

< 5 100% 0%
≥ 5 Team Wallet 75% 25%

Direct rewards are 10% / 7.5% of the after-tax deposit.

If a team member makes a new deposit, the reward goes to the upline that is next in the Round Robin, not automatically to the Buddy.

# Network rewards or Round Robin

The Network rewards or Round Robin system provides that each time a participant in your downline redeems (Hydrate/Compound) the interest accrued in their deposit a percentage of 5% after-tax of the compounded/redeposited net value is automatically rewarded back to the upline.

If you are appointed Team Wallet, you return the 1.25% to the person who made the compound (hydrate) with an automatic AirDrop.

< 5 5% 0%
≥ 5 Team Wallet 3,75% 1,25%

Round Robin rewards are 5% / 3.75% of the after-tax compound.

# Requirements

There are 2 types of requirements to gain access to the Network Rewards System.

  • Hold in your wallet a minimum of 2 BR34P tokens to gain access to the first line below you, up to a maximum of 1597 tokens if you wish to gain access to the 15th line below you.

How to: buy BR34P

1 2
2 3
3 5
4 8
5 13
6 21
7 34
8 55
9 89
10 144
11 233
12 377
13 610
14 987
15 1597
  • A further requirement is a positive Net Value, which is calculated as follows: DEPOSIT+HYDRATE+AIRDROPs (sent minus received) > CLAIMS

You can check your NDV in the “Checkout Dripper” section in the Faucet Page.

NDV= +263,92 DRIP
NDV= +263,92 DRIP

If even one of these conditions is not met, the referral system will look for a wallet in your upline that meets both conditions to be rewarded.

# Whale Tax

To ensure the sustainability of the project, a Whale Tax is levied on participants who hold:


The whale tax is applied to the available balance, effectively reducing the daily earnings. The more you claim from Faucet, the higher the whale tax level applied to the amount accumulating in your available balance.

So instead of getting 1% a day that you can hydrate or claim, you get 0.95% a day, or 0.90% a day, etc due to whale tax applied.

The whale tax tiers are based as follows:

< 10000 0%
≥ 10000 5%
≥ 20000 10%
≥ 30000 15%
≥ 40000 20%
≥ 50000 25%
≥ 60000 30%
≥ 70000 35%
≥ 80000 40%
≥ 90000 45%
≥ 100000 50%