# Introduction

# Drip Network

Drip Network is a decentralized deflationary finance ecosystem, which generates daily passive income.

It is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain BSC blockchain and consists of 3 contracts: Faucet, Reservoir, and Fountain/Swap.

As you enter the DRIP FAUCET , you receive a guaranteed daily interest of 1% in DRIP, based on the quantity of DRIP that you deposited or compounded.

This 1% daily yield is derived from the transaction fees of a set of actions, such as deposit, claim or compound/hydrate, the external exchange volume and other use cases of the ecosystem, which includes the Animal Farm and soon by the new β€œScratchy” protocol.

Accrued interest can be withdrawn or reinvested within the deposit of the DRIP FAUCET , allowing you to benefit from compound interest and making the investment exponential over time.

DRIP RESERVOIR is a Liquidity Pool that aims at stabilizing the price of the DRIP Token. When depositing BNBs, a DROP is created, this Drop is a DRIP/BNB LP. A variable interest rate is paid daily, based on the product deposit and withdrawal fees.

The DRIP FOUNTAIN/SWAP section allows participants to swap BNB for DRIP and vice versa. It is the drip.community DEX , the operations are tax free to swap BNB for DRIP, and with a small commission to swap DRIP for BNB.

A real-time chart of the DRIP trading price, in US dollars, can be found as you scroll down.

DRIP can also be purchased on external DEX such as Pancake Swap where others tokens from the ecosystem can be found including LP tokens, AFD and AFP.

# The $DRIP token

DRIP is the main token of the ecosystem, developed on BSC BEP20 .

With few exceptions, it is subject to a 10% tax on transactions, which automatically goes into the DRIP Vault to benefit all participants.

The initial total supply is limited to 1 million DRIP although more can be minted if needed.

# Animal Farm

Animal Farm is the second masterpiece of the DRIP Network ecosystem. An ever evolving platform, which current utilities are:

  • PIG PEN: the governance pool. Deposit AFP > earn BUSD & AFP.
  • DOG POUND: the loyalty pool. Deposit AFD > earn BNB (standard) or AFP (auto-compound).
  • DRIP GARDEN: the DRIP/BUSD LP miner.
  • PIGGY BANK: the AFP/BUSD LP miner where you can also have a time-locked bonus.
  • FARMS & POOLS: in this section you can stake and farm your assets for rewards.

The aim of Forex Shark & BB in developing Animal Farm, aside providing another utility for DRIP, is to allow the investors to take profit in $BNB and in $BUSD without ever selling the native tokens $AFP and $AFD.

Animal Farm Official App

Animal Farm Wiki

# Referral System

The products of the ecosystem have different buddy/referral systems.

While the DRIP FAUCET requires a buddy, the DRIP RESERVOIR doesn’t.

ANIMAL FARM has a referral link, would you wish to use one.

The Network's products are not only a next-generation investment opportunity in decentralized DEFI high-interest financing, but can also be used in a variety of ways by communities, influencers and artists.

For example, if you are a media creator or influencer, or have your own network of acquaintances, you can engage your audience and earn rewards by getting them to join your FAUCET team. In return, they get automatic cashbacks when they deposit or compound DRIP in their FAUCET .

You can also manually send rewards (AirDrop) by returning value in order to attract new members to your team.