# DRIP Reservoir

The RESERVOIR protocol within the drip.community allows you to earn rewards in BNB while supporting the liquidity of the main DRIP token.

# How does it work?

Participants join by depositing the token BNB BEP 20 in the reservoir, which automatically becomes token DROP LP by binding 50% to DRIP, where LP stands for "Liquidity Pool".

The DROP LP token consists of 50% DRIP and 50% BNB and represents your share within the contract.

For more information, see the charts section:

🛡️ Advanced Live Charts Reservoir

The reservoir protocol allows withdrawals at any time, unlike the Faucet protocol.

The rewards are variable and are paid out in BNB based on the taxes paid by the participants, currently between a 60% to 100% APR , depending on your stake size and daily trading volumes.

# Supporting DRIP

When BNB are deposited, the Reservoir Smart Contract interacts with the FOUNTAIN/SWAP by using 50% of the after tax value to purchase DRIP.

That DRIP and the remaining BNB are then provided back to the Liquidity Pool for trading. This increases the BNB and DRIP value within the Liquidity Pool.

# Drip Reservoir Tax Explained

Deposit BNB>DROP 10%
Withdraw DROP>BNB 10%
Compound BNB 0%
Claim BNB 0%

The 10% tax can be broken down as follows:

  • 5% goes into the pool to reward reservoir participants on a daily basis
  • 3% is used to permanently lock DRIP in the fountain contract
  • 2% is redistributed instantly to all participants

# Rewards

  • The 2% of the total DROP LP deposited is immediately redistributed to all participants within the contract on the basis of the percentage of shares held.

  • The 2% of the pool, into which 5% of the fees flow, is redistributed daily in the form of BNB to participants based on the variables of share held and time in the contract.

How to: Enter the DRIP RESERVOIR

# Possible actions

Buy and Deposit: this section allows BNB to be transferred from the wallet to the reservoir contract by converting them to the DROP LP token, there is no minimum deposit. A fee of 10% will be charged.

Withdraw: with this action you can withdraw the entire amount or part of the DROP LPs. A fee of 10% will be charged.

Compound: by executing COMPOUND you put the daily fees paid in BNB back into the deposit by buying LP DROP and thus benefit from compound interest. No fees are charged.

Claim: the CLAIM action allows BNB to withdraw dividends. No fees are charged.

# User Interface

  • Rewards= total BNB available
  • Total DROPS= total DROP LP held in the deposit
  • Stake= percentage of share owned
  • Compounds= total number of compounds carried out
  • Total withdrawn= total BNB withdrawn
  • Compounded Total= total of BNB compounded in the deposit

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