# Audits & Whitepapers

Official DRIP Network whitepapers and Security Audit documents.

# Whitepapers

A whitepaper is an official document released by developers which provides an explanation of the project's technology and objectives.

Drip Network WP V1 2021
lpdrip.pdf 4.58MB

Drip Drop Draw V1
DripDropDraw_v1.pdf 27.2MB

# Security Audits

Smart contract codes are only editable as long as they are in the testnet.

After they are published on the blockchain network to which they belong, they become immutable and cannot be changed, we should check whether the code has a vulnerability that could cost millions of dollars in the event of a malicious attack.

All DRIP Network smart contracts have been verified by AUDIT through the SLITHER analytics protocol or the PALADIN cybersecurity firm.

slither_drip.pdf 4.3MB

Drip Network's smart contracts have been working securely since April 21, 2021.