# Onboarding

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# The Onboarding System

How to use - Onboarding System

Drip Drop Draw UI

The Drip Drop Draw offers a user-friendly onboarding system that allows a wide range of users to participate in ticket purchasing and drawings, even without an active Drip Faucet.

We aim to make the game play experience accessible to all, providing a gateway into the exciting world of the Drip Network and the chance to win amazing prizes.

# How to Get Started

To participate, simply set up an upline through a Buddy address. This process can be completed with a few simple steps.

To configure the upline, users must provide the wallet address of an active Drip Faucet account, also known as the Buddy Address.

This Buddy Address can be entered manually or by using a referral link, provided by a user of the Drip Network.

Drip Marketing is the default address.
Drip Marketing is the default address.

Once the one-click account setup process is complete, entry tickets for the Drip Drop draw can be purchased using BUSD, BNB, or DRIP.

Users can choose between the Deposit Entry or the Sacrifice Entry, each with advantages and unique mechanisms.

Learn more about Entry options

Every round is fully automated and decentralized, ensuring fairness and impartiality of the results through Chainlink's automation.

When entering via Deposit Entry, in addition to the ticket allocations, the Drip Broker contract will automatically create a Drip Faucet on behalf of the player and deposit 75% of the entry value after tax.

The Sacrifice Entry, which grants up to 275% more tickets (combining multipliers) and increases the chances of being drawn as a winner, will only create a Drip Faucet for the player if a prize is won.

The winners will receive their prizes in Drip, automatically deposited into the Drip Faucet associated with the winning ticket wallet.

This system ensures everyone can enjoy the excitement and opportunities Drip Drop Draw and Drip Network offers.