# Referral System

Referral links may be included on any outbound link.

# Influencer Referral Rewards

How to use - Referral System

Drip Drop Draw UI

# Free Tickets

Through Drip Drop Draw's referral system, players have the opportunity to earn 5% of the tickets from each individual purchase made through their personal referral link.

By offering the opportunity to earn free tickets, Drip Drop Draw encourages ongoing engagement, rewards participants for their efforts, and fosters a vibrant and enthusiastic community.

To claim the earned free tickets, players need to purchase an equivalent number of tickets at a 1:1 ratio.

claimed with 1:1 ratio / available to claim
claimed with 1:1 ratio / available to claim

Once claimed, they are automatically added to the current Round tickets balance.

current tickets balance
current tickets balance

This system aims to incentivize individuals who generate referrals to remain actively involved in promoting the platform.

In cases where a player has already made ticket purchases in the same round when the free tickets were earned, those purchases will count towards the claim.

The free tickets accumulation mechanism operates on a per-purchase basis.

Each purchase, through the personal referral link, is considered an independent event with a minimum threshold of 20 tickets to qualify for earning a free ticket.

The earned free tickets can be claimed and utilized by participants within a maximum of 6 rounds, starting from the time of allocation.

expiring tickets available to claim in current round
expiring tickets available to claim in current round

# Drip Faucet Referrals via Drip Drop Draw

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Drip Drop Draw, acting as Layer 2 of the Drip Faucet protocol, introduces a revolutionary integration mechanism that optimizes the user experience and generates opportunities for community development and engagement.

One of the features of Drip Drop Draw is that an active Drip Faucet account is not necessary to participate. All a user needs to do is set up a buddy address, and that's all that is required to participate.

On the Drip Drop Draw UI, the upline can be configured manually or via a referral link.

By providing the referral link, users not only have the opportunity to earn 5% in free tickets but can also form their own Drip Faucet team.

Learn more in the Onboarding section

This streamlines the integration process for new users, allowing them to access the platform quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it encourages the formation of support networks among users and promotes active participation through the referral system.

These elements enhance the user experience, contribute to building a dynamic and participatory community, and add depth and involvement beyond simple individual participation.

After successfully logging in, the personal referral link will be visible in the dedicated section.