# Drip Frequently Asked Questions

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# Drip Faucet FAQs

No one, or rather no company in the traditional sense. All interactions are governed by the smart contract in the Binance Smart BlockChain. It's an innovative way to think about decentralized finance.

Not a unilateral decision, success is determined by users, which are already hundreds of thousands.

Innovation, marketing and new dynamics are entrusted to the development team.

Drip Network and Animal Farm contracts have been reviewed by outside cybersecurity experts, click here for more information: DRIP AUDIT .

Drip Network's smart contracts have been running continuously since April 2021.

Depending on your strategy, the APR of the protocol is 365%, i.e. if you deposit 10 drip today without doing anything, you may be able to withdraw 36.5 drip in 1 year.

The strength of the Drip Protocol, however, lies in the possibility of exploiting the compound interest.

You can double your deposit approximately every 75 days by returning the daily interest accrued on your deposit and benefit from an APY of up to 3600%.

The buddy address is the heart of Drip Network's marketing strategy. Its main function is to enable the sharing of the network, using a system of mutual rewards.

It is mandatory to enter one when first depositing in the DRIP FAUCET protocol.

No, you can't change buddy in the DRIP FAUCET.

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or from the internal dex


No, once you have deposited Drip within DRIP FAUCET they will be permanently sent to the contract pool.

Instead, you can withdraw at any time the daily interest of 1% generated based on the deposit amount.

By taking advantage of compound interest, you can grow your deposit exponentially, up to 3600% every year, earning interest that increases daily.

No. The fraudulent "Ponzi" scheme promises that you will be rewarded for your investment through the sale of a service/product, while the revenue fraudulently derived solely from the capital brought in by new investors lured by false promises.

The Drip network is open source, literally every transaction is traceable from start to finish via *BSC SCAN , providing an absolute level of transparency.

The DRIP FAUCET, which is only one product of the entire DRIP NETWORK/ANIMAL FARMecosystem, has a buddy/referral reward which helps build the community, gamify team building and rewards good action (eg: hydrates).

Also there is a retribution/automatic AirDrops to the downlines from buddies with teams greater than 5 members, which you never find in a Ponzi scheme.

Lastly, $DRIP token is used in other utilities like Animal Farm since Jan.2022, Dog of Fortune, a game which will be launched in early 2023, Scratchy tickets (TBA), and will see a lending utility protocol in 2023.

$DRIP token and DRIP FAUCET might have appeared at the beginning like one as the eco-system was not yet fully created and $DRIP token was solely reliant on Value, but it is very far from one now with the evolution of the eco-system and all the utilities created.

It is in no way necessary to sign up other people, you will always receive your guaranteed daily return of 1%.

Introduction to Animal Farm

# Drip Reservoir FAQs

The Reservoir is a liquidity pool for DRIP/BNB. The more liquidity there is, the more stable Drip’s price will be.

You can invest in the Reservoir by depositing BNB on the Drip website’s Reservoir page: https://drip.community/reservoir

How to: Drip Reservoir

The Reservoir payouts are not static and are subject to the size of your stake percentage in the Reservoir, as well as the daily volume of Reservoir deposits and DRIP/BNB purchases. Historically, Reservoir APR can vary from 60% to 100%+ depending on your stake size and daily trading volumes.

There is a 10% tax when depositing and withdrawing from the Reservoir of which 2% goes to all Reservoir depositors, and 5% of that goes to the Reservoir Dividend Pool which distributes daily rewards to all depositors based on their stake percentage.

The DROPS LP token has relatively low price volatility and pays continuous daily rewards in both bull and bear markets. However, “safe” is a subjective term and you must evaluate your own investment goals and risks.

Yes. You can withdraw your entire investment in the Reservoir but you will be subject to a 10% tax on withdrawals.

Historically, Reservoir compound gas fees are slightly lower than Drip Faucet hydrations, but this can vary widely based on network activity.

Unlike the Drip Faucet, the Reservoir rewards will vary each day and the percentages earned are not as high. Therefore, it is recommended that you compound only when your accumulated rewards are at least several multiples of gas fees.

There is no tax to compound in the Reservoir.

After you WITHDRAW from the Reservoir, you must also then click CLAIM. After you CLAIM, you will see your BNB amount in your wallet.

Staked percentage shows your individual share of the Reservoir contract. The higher your Reservoir share is, the higher your relative rewards will be.

No. Unlike the Faucet, your outstanding Reservoir rewards will not be compounded and will not be added to your Drops balance automatically. Your Reservoir rewards must be compounded or claimed manually.

A method to get the DROPS token price is to go to the Reservoir tab on the Drip website, connect your wallet, and then enter 1 BNB in the "Buy and Deposit" text field. This will produce an estimated value of how many DROPS you will get for 1 BNB after 10% tax. You can use the following formula to calculate DROPS token price: 1 / (Estimated Drops/0.9) = DROPS Price.

Drip RESERVOIR advanced charts