# Jackpot & Payouts

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# Introduction

In this section, we will reveal the Drip Drop Draw rounds' mechanics, explore the unique 7 prize tiers , and look at how the fund flow is distributed.

Drip Drop Draw UI

# Rounds

Drip Drop Draw has 4-hour rounds and runs 24/7.

Players will participate in their chosen round by purchasing Drip Drop Draw tickets in that round.

Drip Drop Draw Tickets

In the dedicated section of the Drip Drop Draw UI, players will find all the relevant information about each ongoing round.

This information includes the round countdown, available prize pools, free tickets, and other real-time data. At the end of each round, winners will receive their prize, paid in Drip, through an automatic deposit into the Drip Faucet associated with the winning ticket wallet.

How to - Know your UI

At the end of each round, the winners will be announced through a pop-up displaying all the prize categories awarded.

Due to the services provided by Chainlink, every draw is fully automated, fair, and based on a completely random process.

# Chainlink VRF

Utilizing a robust and reliable Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) makes Drip Drop Draw a verifiably random game. This provides DDD players with provably fair outcomes which are impossible to corrupt.

Chainlink VRF is a provably fair and verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG) that enables smart contracts to access random values without compromising security or usability.

For each request, Chainlink VRF generates one or more random values and cryptographic proof of how those values were determined.

The proof is published and verified on-chain before any consuming applications can use it. This process ensures that results cannot be tampered with or manipulated by any single entity including oracle operators, miners, users, or smart contract developers.

Once generated, the VRF output can never be duplicated or predicted due to its random nature, allowing players to trust that every round's draw is unbiased and secure from manipulation.

# Drip Drop Draw Vault

The Drip Drop Draw Vault functions as a safe for funds, ensuring their security and enabling access and distribution only in accordance with the rules established within the smart contract.

It is composed of 25% of the earnings from the Deposit entries, 25% of the earnings from the Sacrifice entries, and the Rollover mechanism, which accounts for 40% of the Vault itself.

The combined amount from these sources will constitute 100% of the Drip Drop Draw Vault at the end of each round.

The Vault corresponds to the BSC address of the Drip Drop Draw smart contract.

Drip Drop Draw Vault BSC address

Composed of %
Earnings from Deposit Entries 25%
Earnings from Sacrifice Entries 25%
Roll over from previously round 40%

# The Roll Over Mechanism

An innovative Roll Over mechanism ensures that at the end of each round, 40% of the total amount available in the Drip Drop Draw Vault is automatically allocated to the next round, which in turn allocates 40% of the total to the following round, and so on.

The other 60% of the total amount available at the end of each round is used to pay out prizes to the winners.

This process ensures that the Vault grows fairly over time.

The Rollover and the entries earnings combined are used to calculate the total prizes awarded to the winners of each round.

Awarded to Winners 60%
Roll Over to next round 40%

# Prize Tiers

In each round of the Drip Drop Draw, there are 7 Prize Tiers that will be awarded, providing players with multiple opportunities to win.

# Random Prizes

There are five randomly assigned prize categories. The First Prize winner will receive 30% of the total Jackpot, while each of the four Runner Up winners prize will receive 10% of the total Jackpot.

# Non-Random Prizes

Two prizes will be awarded based on specific criteria: the Biggest Deposit prize and the Biggest Sacrifice prize. Both prizes will receive a significant reward of 15% of the Jackpot.

  • Biggest Deposit Criteria: Only tickets purchased in a single transaction will be considered, without taking into account the 10% multiplier bonus for BNB/BUSD purchases.

  • Biggest Sacrifice Criteria: Only tickets purchased in a single transaction will be considered, without taking into account the 10% multiplier bonus for BNB/BUSD purchases. However, the 250% Sacrifice multiplier will be taken into consideration.

Entry Options: Deposit or Sacrifice?

Awarded to Winners 60%
Roll Over to next round 40%

The following percentages represent 60% of the total amount in the Vault at the end of a round when prizes are awarded.

For the sake of simplicity, we will consider the 60% percentage as the new 100% that makes up the Jackpot.

1st PRIZE 30%
Runner up 1 10%
Runner up 2 10%
Runner up 3 10%
Runner up 4 10%
Biggest Deposit Prize 15%
Biggest Sacrifice Prize 15%

# Max Prize Cap

To ensure sustainability and a fair distribution of prizes to users, due to the structure of the Drip Faucet through which the prizes flow, has been set a maximum prize allocation.

Prize Max Drip Cap
1st PRIZE 27,397
Runners up 8,219
Biggest Deposit 13,698
Biggest Sacrifice 13,698

Once the prizes have reached their maximum allowed limit, any excess drip flow will automatically be sent to the Drip Drop Draw Vault and used in subsequent rounds.

# Drip Drop Draw Funds Flow

Every time tickets are purchased to participate in Drip Drop Draw, 1% of the funds are allocated to the marketing wallet.

A part of the funds allocated to the Marketing wallet are used to acquire LINK, the currency required to pay the fees for the Chainlink services automations.

Drip Marketing Wallet

If the BUSD entry option is selected, the Drip Drop Draw smart contract will automatically swap it into BNB to buy Drip through the native Drip Fountain Dex.

A 10% tax is charged only once at entry, which is then allocated to the Drip Tax Vault, while all other Drip movements are whitelisted.

# Drip Drop Draw flow chart

The following diagram should help understand the flow of funds more easily.